Printed Résumé

Set Margins - maximums, 1.0" all around; minimums, 0.75" Top, Right, Left and 0.5" Bottom.

Name - large, bold typeface.
Addresses - Permanent (set at left margin) and College (tabbed so it is close to right margin but justified on the left); Centered on page if one address

Graphic Line (optional):
Please note: Have one paragraph marker below the marker where the line is to be drawn.


Table Format

  • Select TABLE with two columns and a row for each heading you are using in your résumé (approx. 6).
  • Move center divider to the left by pointing mouse to the center marker and dragging it to the left (don't worry about exact location, it can be re-adjusted later).
  • Begin typing information into the cells formatting as desired. Please note: The tab key moves you from cell to cell, therefore, you cannot use the tab key to align copy.

Indent Format

  • Type everything flush left.
  • If headings are to be flush left, highlight copy within each heading and select FORMAT > PARAGRAPH and indent copy to the desired position.
  • You can have multiple indents if desired.
  • If headings are to be centered, highlight headings and select CENTER. The copy within each heading can be formatted as desired (for example, use hanging indents to set off each item within each heading).
  • Special note: If you wish to list information and use bullets to highlight the items in your list:
  • Type information flush left using the using the return only between items.
  • If you wish to have the information indented and if your items will at times take more than one line, then highlight the copy and select FORMAT > PARAGRAPH and indent the copy the desired amount and select SPECIAL choosing hanging as the type of indent.
  • Select FORMAT > BULLETS and NUMBERING, then chose your desired bullet.
  • Select MODIFY to adjust the distance from the bullet to the copy.
  • Don't use spaces, set tabs. Spaces will be inconsistent from electronic document to printed document

Scannable Résumé

Use similar formatting to place your information as above.

Remove all italics, underlining, graphics, bullets, as these will often create error messages when your résumé is scanned.

Consider using a keyword section to best promote your résumé when searches are done. Include keywords that reflect your skills and experience and are relevant to the industry and position.

Electronic Résumé

This is a text-only résumé, usually saved in an ASCII format so it is readable to a variety of software programs. Can be used within body of an email message or cut and paste into a web page form.

Use UPPER and lower case letters, spacing and other "keyboard" characters such as *, +, and = to highlight sections of your résumé .