The Bucknell Brigade has formed a special relationship with the members of the Jubilee House Community (JHC), an intentional community of people from the United States who are dedicated to assisting the Nicaraguan people.  JHC was originally based in North Carolina, and focused on assisting impoverished residents with issues of hunger, homelessness, and domestic violence.  In 1994, understanding the need for sustainable development projects in Central America, the JHC accepted an invitation to partner with the Nicaraguan community, and moved to Nueva Vida, located on the outskirts of Managua, the capital city.

JHC members and Nicaraguan citizens worked together to create the Center for Development in Central America (CDCA), intending to focus on issues related to organic agriculture and microenterprise.  However, the impact of Hurricane Mitch in 1998 dramatically altered the CDCA's mission.  After the Nicaraguan government relocated hurricane refugees to Nueva Vida, the JHC suddenly found itself as a neighbor of a resettlement camp consisting of nearly 12,000 impoverished and displaced Nicaraguans.  Therefore, the JHC elected to shift the focus of the CDCA to disaster relief efforts.

While the Bucknell Brigade is working in Nicaragua, the JHC serves as the host agency, coordinating work projects and offering invaluable insights about community development and the culture, history, and politics of Nicaragua.  The JHC provides volunteer housing, transportation, meals, and a comfortable atmosphere in which Brigade members can learn and serve, while fostering cross-cultural communication and a sense of connection between volunteers and Nicaraguans.

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