In addition to Bucknell sponsored alternative break trips, students may also want to consider these programs that are not Bucknell affiliated.

Amizade is a global service-learning program that has both alternative break programs and semester long courses. Their mission is to empower individuals and communities through worldwide service and learning.

Break Away's mission is to train, assist, and connect campuses and communities in promoting quality alternative break programs that inspire lifelong active citizenship. Break Away's vision is a society of active citizens: people who value the community as a priority when making life decisions. As part of a quality Break Away experience, participants will become more educated and experienced in all sides of a social issue. Upon return, they will be empowered to make more informed decisions and take meaningful action that supports a greater good. They will become contributing members of society and will weigh in on issues that impact their communities.

Peacework's purpose is to help alleviate conditions of poverty and promote peace and prosperity through economic development partnerships and service around the world. Each project is organized on a case-by-case basis with community leaders according to locally determined development needs and objectives.

Volunteers for Peace
Volunteers For Peace offers placement in international volunteer projects in more than 100 countries including popular destinations such as volunteering in France, India, Vietnam, Peru and Kenya. As part of the international voluntary service movement, Volunteers for Peace participants work with volunteers from at least four other countries on grassroots-identified projects to improve local communities.