Bucknell University believes that in addition to the classroom education and disciplinary knowledge, students can "learn by doing." We want to develop educated active citizens who are engaged in the world around them. Individuals and organizations in the local community are valuable resources for our students at the same time. These learners  can provide important services to the public.

Breaking down the division between the school and community fosters cooperation and allows community representatives to share their perspectives and experiences with young people who desire the opportunity to learn and make a difference.

The types of academically-based service or volunteer work might vary from one-time group projects to internships to research and data collection or a short-term project that involves producing a brochure, redesigning a web site, or hosting an event, for example.

Our Partners

Local service organizations benefit from the knowledge, creativity, and enthusiasm students contribute to a project. The connection with the University and its resources may enable non-profit agencies to increase their visibility and more effectively reach their goals. || Search our partner database.

Partner with Us

The first step in registering as a community partner is to complete our Needs Assessment Survey. This will give us a better idea of what services your organization offers and your current projects.