The Head Start program at Bucknell is part of the National Head Start Association, a private non-profit organization that provides services of education, health, nutrition and parent involvement to low-income families with children. Founded in 1965, the program represents more than 1 million pre-school children, 200,000 staff and 2,700 programs throughout the United States.

Program Details

Bucknell University proudly serves the community at three local Head Start sites: Lewisburg, Milton and Sunbury. Approximately 50 volunteers commute to each site for an hour or two each week to build meaningful relationships with the children of the community. Volunteers are organized based on their availability and are sent in groups of 2 or 3 to classrooms of 18 children, ages 3-5.

Transportation can be provided by fellow students who have access to a car or by the coordinators of the Head Start program who have access to university vehicles. Volunteers participate in classroom activities by engaging the children and assisting the teachers. The opportunity to be a positive role model is available for all majors.