Bucknellians are engaging in service-learning and civic engagement every day. Take a look at some stories of student, faculty and staff involvement.

Start the Music. Start the Social Movement.

Professor Randall chose to incorporate service-learning in her class to give the students a direct look at the incarceration crisis in this country. In addition to studying protest music that addresses criminal justice issues, her students have also explored music created by prisoners themselves. She believes that service-learning is a valuable experience and allows students a chance to examine a difficult social justice issue while making a positive impact beyond the Bucknell community.

Bucknell Students Help Dogs Find Forever Homes With Behavior Modification

Professor Gazes chose to incorporate service-learning in her class to make the material more exciting. She believes that service-learning is an important part of education and it gives students a reason to care about their environment and community while focusing them on the impact they can have now, instead of waiting until they finish their education. Professor Gazes was eager to see the outcomes of this course and hoped that it will greatly benefit the nonprofit Mostly Mutts and the dogs sheltered there. Using behavior modification methods learned in class, teams of students were assigned to individual dogs and worked to teach them to sit, stay and walk on a leash. Professor Gazes said many of the animals have not been socialized and have developed bad behavior. "Now, the students get to apply what they learn in the classroom with the dogs to hopefully help them get adopted."