99% Invisible
This podcast discusses the history and deeper meaning behind the visible world that we do not really "see" or take for granted: the history of the construction of the sports bra, why revolving doors were created, hostile urban structures (structures that make loitering difficult in cities, like anti-sleeping spikes), why Freud preferred a couch, why car dealerships use inflatable tube men.

This American Life
A long-running NPR radio show hosted by Ira Glass (who, like me, grew up in Maryland), this program tells human stories about people all over the world. Each week they present stories on a theme - anything from getting a second chance, to stories from our parents, to Afrofuturism. I've listened to every episode since 2015 as part of my Monday ritual. It lets me start the week with a new understanding of humanity, and the stories are always moving.

How I Built This
Guy Raz sits down for lengthy interviews with entrepreneurs from some of the most innovative companies. Every episode is extremely motivating. You get to learn about the highs and lows of having aspirations from people like inventor James Dyson, LARABAR energy bar founder Lara Merriken and my favorite serial entrepreneur, Marcia Kilgore. The host ends every episode by asking how much of their success is from luck or hard work, and the answer is always surprising.