The parents of Chérie Celeste Malone ’13 were performers — her dad was a child actor who worked with the Muppets, while her mother was a singer — and as a child, Malone took acting classes at the Freedom Theatre in Philadelphia. Still, it took years for her to admit she wanted to act. She began auditioning for Bucknell productions during her sophomore year.

“That experience of being more confident and trusting myself and coming out of my bubble — and not being ashamed of wanting to pursue acting — has been its own journey,” she says.

After graduation, Malone, a German and film/media studies major, was a deputy elections officer/adviser at the United Nations. She quit that post four years ago to focus on acting.

She recently appeared in New York City’s West End Theatre production of Harriet Tubman, The Woman, a play attended by a descendent of Tubman’s.

Malone also starred in the film Faking Real, a political thriller about the hacking of a U.S. presidential election, that is in postproduction.

In addition, she landed a role in the Amazon docuseries Free Meek, about rapper Meek Mills’ struggles with the criminal-justice system.

Malone says she wants to use her acting to touch and inspire others.

“I want to be a role model and lift up other people with my acting.”