Andy Yost '87Andy Yost '87 (business administration) is in the business of relationships. As direct marketer and head of marketing for MTV Networks' Customer Relationship Management team, he knows how to help people connect with just about anything — other people, brands, products.

Yost and his team are responsible for developing direct-to-consumer promotions driving fan engagement with shows and products. He works with network consumer marketing groups to leverage consumer interests and behaviors and deliver the right offer to the right customer more effectively.

"Direct marketing allows us to have a more meaningful, one-on-one relationship with our fans," says Yost. "And when we promote relevant content, we see the engagement of our fans increase exponentially … it's a win-win for the fans and our brands. Plus it's a lot of fun to market some of the shows that we have. I spent many years with American Express, and "SpongeBob" and "The Jersey Shore" are much more entertaining to market than credit cards!"

Yost knew from an early age that his future lay in marketing. His father worked in marketing and he was fascinated by his father's projects. "I always found it intriguing how marketers created a brand's personality, and consumers understood and valued that," he says.

Choosing Bucknell was much the same. Ken Freeman '72, an unofficial mentor, gave the best endorsement a school can have. "His passion for Bucknell really showed through, and I was amazed that someone could love their college so much," says Yost. "That made my decision easy."

Yost went on to develop his own bonds with Bucknell. Not only did Professor John Miller's Management 101 class convince him that he was on the right professional path, with four weeks left in his senior year the Lambda Chi brother met classmate Cali Williams Yost '87. They married and have two children.

Yost advises students, "Don't underestimate the power that a network has for you. Make sure that you're not only connecting with your fellow students and professors, but that you are tapping into the Bucknell alumni. Your college education is not only about the academics. You're investing in a network, so leverage those relationships fully."

–Julie Dreese