Bradley Feuling ’03When the students in ENGR 290: Engineering in a Global/Societal Context arrived in China for three weeks, they had the president of the Bucknell Club of China, Bradley Feuling '03 (economics), and his team to thank. Feuling is chief executive officer of Kong and Allan Consulting, a division of the Kong and Allan Group focused on supply chain consulting, implementation and innovations. For the past six years, he has called Shanghai home and, with his team, has hosted more than 500 students and faculty in Asia.

Fascinated with China from an early age, Feuling studied Asian economics and international relations at Bucknell and, while earning an MBA from Purdue University, visited China three times. Upon graduation, he was invited to Shanghai to help develop a new office for Kong and Allan Consulting. "Shanghai is a true example of China's development over the past 30 plus years, contrasting the ultra-modern mega-city of the future, with the reality of China's long history," he says.

In his role as CEO, Feuling oversees the strategic network development of the business combining the four critical sectors of society: public, private, education and nonprofit. "Supply chains impact an increasing number of people and communities throughout the world. Incorporating this mentality into both supply chain and societal thinking is critical in education, and to improving the world for generations to come," he says, noting that Kong and Allan Consulting was named the Best Supply Chain Partner in Asia twice.

He continues to open doors to the Far East. For the past four years, Feuling has been involved in the Bucknell externship program, in which Bucknell students shadow an alumni mentor for a day or two. His company also has an expanding global university partnership network. Feuling has returned to Lewisburg to speak with students and parents about his education, experiences and career.

"I speak to numerous student groups throughout the year, and my advice for those who would like to follow a similar path is often the same; just get out there and do it. Entrepreneur Ray Kroc noted, 'The two most important requirements for major success are first, being in the right place at the right time, and second, doing something about it.' I couldn't agree more."