Hats off to first-generation faculty.

By Christina Masciere Wallace

For many of us, going to college was simply assumed. We took college-prep classes in high school, researched and visited schools, pulled together family savings and applied for available aid, and off we went.

For others, college isn't automatic. A lack of money and guidance, or a lack of parent or sibling precedent – or both – can leave talented young people without the resources, game plan or encouragement needed to make the leap to university life.

At Bucknell, at least a dozen faculty members were the first in their families to earn four-year degrees. They went on to earn doctorates and have dedicated their lives to teaching others who share their passion for learning.

But they couldn't have done it without financial assistance. These professors exemplify the power of scholarship giving – the top priority of the WE DO Campaign for Bucknell.

Visit www.bucknell.edu/FirstGeneration to see candid and compelling faculty interviews – and consider supporting the scholarships that could change the lives of the newest generation of trailblazers.