10. Women's Gym Suit and Medal of Conduct

Women's gym suit

Teal is a popular color these days. Who knew it was also a winner back in 1866? Louise Neubecker, Class of 1866, of the University Female Institute found out when she enrolled in the school for women, which was administered by the University from 1857 to 1917. Back in Louise’s day, students received detailed instructions on how to sew their gym suits before arriving at the Institute. Louise’s suit remains in excellent form as Michelle Choe ’18 of the student fashion magazine Be Fashion demonstrates.

Medal of Conduct

After five years of study, Female Institute students received a graduation diploma and a gold medal. In Special Collections/University Archives are several medals, including this one conferred on Ida Greene in 1894. The purpose of the Female Institute was “to prepare young women for the ‘cheerful discharge of the duties of life,’ ” J. Orin Oliphant writes in The Rise of Bucknell University.