9. Containers from the Bucknell Dairy Farm

Dairy containers from the Bucknell Dairy Farm

The crunch of green grass being contentedly chewed, the swish of a tail and a low-pitched moo. Those are all comforting sounds the typical Bucknell student could enjoy in the 1920s through the 1960s. Long before the local foods movement, students dining on campus sipped milk supplied by black-and-white Bucknell cows, denizens of the University Farm.

While cows grazed on the green slopes across Route 15 next to the dairy operation, housed in what is now the Art Barn, students used the facilities for practical study. Courses in bacteriology and sanitary science were among those offered. In the 1920s, the biology department even held a summer course in sanitary milk control.

Today Special Collections/University Archives displays a Bucknell-embossed copper milk can and glass bottle once used to contain this homegrown moo brew.