Alumni Books

William Durland ’53
The Demise of American Democracy: Understanding the Crisis and Resisting the Threat (CreateSpace, 2017)
William Durland '53's second edition of The Demise of American Democracy: Understanding the Crisis and Resisting the Threat discusses the existing crisis exacerbated by the election of President Donald Trump, whose administration's actions, Durland argues, are pointed toward replacing democracy with a conservative autocracy. Current practices and policies contributing to the demise of the American democracy are discussed in the book, as are solutions and alternatives needed to keep democracy intact.

Chuck Anderson '56
The Magic Tree (self-published, 2016)
In this collection of poems, Anderson grapples with themes that include retirement, family, death, love and the passing of time. A number of poems are written about or dedicated to important people in Anderson's life, including his wife with dementia who lives in a nursing home, and his recently deceased son, Gordon.  

Eliot Riskin '64
What rhymes with 'to'? Volume IV (self-published, 2017)
The fourth book in the What rhymes with 'to'? series consists of 40-some poems, some irreverent, some silly, none serious. They range from such important, thought-provoking topics as the misuse and overuse of the word "literally" by today's youth to questioning why men must wear ties and why nothing rhymes with "purple."

Martha and Stephen Huddy '70
The Land: A Biography of 13-Square Miles of the White Deer Valley (48 Hour Books, 2017)
The Land traces in detail the fate of a 13-square-mile parcel of otherwise unremarkable territory in central Pennsylvania that during WWII became home to the Pennsylvania Ordnance Works, a massive, top-secret government munitions plant. The Huddys follow in detail this brief and chaotic period in the life of the former farmland and what came next, touching base with bootleggers, a Pulitzer Prize-winning American author, Watergate felons, Manhattan Project leaders and other one-time "residents" of the tract along the way.

Lisa Freitag '77
Extreme Caregiving: The Moral Work of Raising Children with Special Needs (Oxford University Press, 2017)
Through personal narratives, experience and academic research, Lisa Freitag '77 chronicles the struggles and successes of parents raising children with special needs. This book begins to recognize the moral consequences of providing long-term care for a child with complex needs.  

Frank Allen Davis '82
Continuous Improvement by Improving Continuously (CIBIC): Addressing the Human Factors During the Pursuit of Process Excellence (CRC Press, 2017)
Frank Allen Davis '82 promotes CIBIC, a system geared toward optimizing business operations and personal achievement through varied strategies and methods. He employs progress-promoting philosophy to help readers and followers of the CIBIC improve how they pursue and reach their goals.  

Philip Eager '84 and Troy Bruner
Modern Machiavelli: 13 Laws of Power, Persuasion and Integrity (Changemakers Books, 2017)
This book is a guide to managing conflict, influencing others and understanding interpersonal power dynamics in order to achieve career success and improve relationships. Social tactics are outlined in 13 laws that are applied to numerous real-life situations.  

Marilyn Pellini P'86
Dear Al, A Widow's Struggles and Remembrances (Publishing Partners, 2017)
This grief book takes the form of letters from Pellini to her husband, who lost his life in a tragic fishing accident on Cuttyhunk Island off the coast of Massachusetts in 2011. Al Pellini P'86 fished alone and often, hoping to catch the world's largest striped bass, and in 1984 he caught the second largest, weighing 64 pounds, 11 ounces. Pellini hopes her book will bring comfort to widows and widowers who struggle every day, even after many years have passed.

Jim Saunders '94
Introvert Shine! Career-Boosting Communication Hacks to Speak Confidently and Build Your Network (self-published, 2017)
Drawing upon 20 years of experience as an introvert in the corporate world, Jim Saunders '94 teaches strategies to empower "quiet" types to speak up more to express their ideas, comfortably build productive work relationships, and actively engage in meetings at the workplace. Readers are guided in how to use their innate talents and simple communication strategies to have more impact at work and accelerate their career advancement. 

Faculty Books

Chris Ellis '01 (political science)
Putting Inequality in Context: Class, Public Opinion, and Representation in the United States (University of Michigan Press, 2017)
This book inspects current issues of political inequality — an outcome of income inequality. Ellis argues that citizens and legislators alike form views on class politics based on lived experience within particular communities. 

Claire Elizabeth Campbell (history)
Nature, Place, and Story: Rethinking Historical Sites in Canada (McGill-Queen's University Press, 2017)
Campbell rewrites the public history of Canada's five most celebrated historic sites as environmental history, showing the transformation of nature throughout the development of a nation.