The Bucknell University wordmark should be used on most materials, especially those for external audiences. To maintain full legibility, never reproduce the wordmark at widths smaller than what is shown here — both in print or digitally. The minimum size allowed for use is 1 inch wide or 75 pixels.

Primary Brand Colors

Alternative Colors

To maintain maximum impact and legibility, clear space must be maintained around the word mark. This area is measured using the width of the capital B in the word mark, as shown. No other graphic elements, typography, rules or images should appear inside this clear space.


skewed wordmark
Don't skew or bend the wordmark in any way.

shadowed wordmark
Don't use drop shadows or other visual effects.

pink wordmark
Don't use any colors other than those specified in this document.

rotated wordmark
Don't rotate the wordmark.

stretched wordmark
Don't stretch the wordmark.

separated logo
Don't separate the elements of the wordmark.

bordered wordmark
Don't add extra elements to the wordmark.

outlined wordmark
Don't outline the wordmark.

The University Seal

Our seal is primarily reserved for use on communications that represent the Office of the President and the Board of Trustees. It may be used occasionally for other purposes. For more information, contact the Division of Communications at

Watermarked seal