The names of campus buildings and locations listed in bold below are acceptable on first reference. They are followed, where applicable, by the full or formal name. For more information about campus buildings and locations, including construction dates and namesake information, visit the Physical Facilities page.

Animal Behavior Laboratory

Academic West

Alumni House

the Art Building

the Art Barn

Bachman Golf Center

Barnes & Noble Bookstore at Bucknell University

Bison Café Located on the ground floor of the Elaine Langone Center

Bison C-Store The convenience store section of the Bison Café

Becker Field

Berelson Center for Jewish Life

Bertrand Library Ellen Clarke Bertrand Library

Botany Building

Bostwick Dining Room Roy Grier Bostwick Memorial Dining Room

Breakiron Engineering Building

Brungraber Civil Engineering Structural Test Laboratory

Bucknell Center for Sustainability & the Environment May be abbreviated BCSE on second reference

Bucknell Co-generation Power Plant

Bucknell Cottage

Bucknell Golf Club

Bucknell Hall

Bucknell Landing

Bucknell West Student housing west of Route 15. Avoid using the term "mods"

David Burpee Research Greenhouse

Campus Theatre

Carey House

Carnegie Building

Christy Mathewson Gates Refers to the gates themselves, not the surrounding area, which is the Christy Mathewson-Memorial Gateway

Christy Mathewson-Memorial Gateway Refers collectively to the area that includes the gates, which may be referred to separately as the Christy Mathewson Gates

Christy Mathewson-Memorial Stadium Honors both Christy Mathewson and Bucknell University veterans, thus the hyphen

CLIMBucknell Challenge Course

Coleman Hall William H. Coleman Hall

Cooley Hall

Commons Café

Computer Center

Forrest D. Brown Conference Center at Cowan May be abbreviated Cowan on second reference

Craft Center

Dana Engineering Building Charles A. Dana Engineering Building

Davis Gymnasium

Davis Annex

Depew Field

DeWitt Building

Downtown Art Gallery

Downtown University Office Building

Edwards House

Elaine Langone Center May be abbreviated as the ELC on second reference

Emmitt Field

"Energy Hill" Not an official name, hence the quotes. Refers to the area behind the Bucknell Center for Sustainability & the Environment containing the Living Greenhouse, windmill and solar panels

Fellowship House

Fran's House

Freas Hall Elizabeth Koons Freas Hall

Galloway House

Gateway Residence Center Composed of Kalman-Posner Hall, Malesardi Hall, Roser Hall, Silbermann Hall and Vidinghoff Hall. Gateways is acceptable on second reference

Geiger Physical Plant Building Walter C. Geiger Physical Plant Building

Gerhard Fieldhouse Fieldhouse may be used on second reference

Graham Building William A. Graham IV Building   

Graham Wrestling Center William A. Graham IV Wrestling Center   

Graham Field William A. Graham IV Field   

the Grove The hill of trees on the south side of Loomis Street across from the President's House

Harris Hall John Howard Harris Hall   

Harvey M. Powers Theatre

Hildreth-Mirza Hall Formerly known as Demosthenean Hall

Holmes Stadium Supports William A. Graham IV Field and Emmit Field

Hulley House

Hunt Hall

Judd House

Kalman-Posner Hall

Keyboard Computer Lab

Kinney Natatorium Arthur D. Kinney Jr. Natatorium

Kenneth Langone Athletics & Recreation Center The KLARC on second reference

Knickers Dining Room

Krebs Fitness Center

Kress Hall Rush H. Kress Hall

Larison Hall

Leiser House

Living Greenhouse

Lowry House Robert Lowry House

MacDonald Commons Building

Main College The central section is Roberts Hall

the Maker-E

Malesardi Hall

Malesardi Quadrangle Use Malesardi Quadrangle on first reference. Do not precede with "the." May abbreviate to Malesardi Quad or the Quad on subsequent references

Martin House

Marts Hall Arnaud C. Marts Hall

McDonnell Hall

Mooney Innovative Design Laboratory Richard J. Mooney Innovative Design Laboratory, may be abbreviated Mooney Lab

Music Library

Newman House

the Observatory

Olin Science Building F.W. Olin Science Building

O'Leary Psychology and Geology Center

President's House

the Refectory

residence hall(s) Use instead of dorm or dormitory

Roberts Hall Daniel C. Roberts Hall

Rooke Chapel Charles M. and Olive S. Rooke Chapel

Rooke Biology Building The Robert L. Rooke Biology Building

Rooke Chemistry Building The Robert L. Rooke Chemistry Building

Rooke Science Center The Robert L. Rooke Science Center, composed of the Rooke Biology Building and the Rooke Chemistry Building

Rooke Recital Hall Natalie Davis Rooke Recital Hall

Roser Hall

Saint George Street House

Samek Art Museum is the entity that presents all museum exhibitions and programs, regardless of location. The Campus Gallery and Downtown Gallery are locations where those exhibitions may be held.

Samek Art Museum refers to a University organization, not a physical space.

Campus Gallery refers to the physical location in the ELC.

Downtown Gallery refers to the physical location on Market Street

"Campus Gallery" and/or "Downtown Gallery" should only be used as stand-alone references if the context clearly connects them to the Samek Art Museum (e.g., "Samek Art Museum" was already introduced earlier in the text or appears elsewhere on a promotional piece). Otherwise, use "Samek Art Museum's Campus/Downtown Gallery" on first reference. Use "Campus Gallery" and/or "Downtown Gallery" on subsequent references. 

Silbermann Hall

Smith Hall

South Campus Apartments

Spratt House

Seventh Street House

Seventh Street Café

7th Street Studio

Sojka Pavilion

Stadler Center for Poetry

Swartz Hall James S. Swartz Hall

Taylor Hall Stephen W. Taylor Hall

Taylor House

the Terrace Room

Trax Hall Harland A. Trax Hall

Trout Auditorium Leanne Freas Trout Auditorium

Tustin Building

Tustin Studio Theatre


Vaughan Literature Building Charles P. Vaughan Literature Building  

Vedder Hall

Vidinghoff Hall

Ward House

Weis Center for the Performing Arts Sigmund and Claire Weis Center for the Performing Arts, may be abbreviated Weis Center on second reference

Weis Music Building Sigfried Weis Music Building

Ziegler Building