In general, capitalize the formal name of an event. Lowercase when referring to it in a general sense. For example: The Kalman Research Symposium took place in April. The symposium was a success.

Capitalize the words Homecoming, Homecoming Weekend, Reunion and Reunion Weekend when referring to the Bucknell's official events of those names. Lowercase other uses.

Examples: Come back to campus for Homecoming Weekend, Nov. 3-5.
John Worthy '78 hosted a reunion gathering at his home for the Class of 1978.

Capitalize Baccalaureate when referring to the official service. Lowercase in other instances. Likewise, capitalize Commencement and when referring to Bucknell's official specific graduation ceremony. Lowercase other uses.

Examples: Bucknell's Baccalaureate Service will take place the the evening before Commencement.
Fareed Zakaria delivered the Commencement address at Bucknell in 2017.
Susquehanna University's commencement took place the weekend before Bucknell's.
A farewell sermon is typically delivered at a baccalaureate ceremony.