Guidance on additional style that is specific to Bucknell or differs from the Associated Press Stylebook may be found below. If an entry is not listed, refer to the AP Stylebook.

academic degrees Lowercase. Use an apostrophe in bachelor's degree, a master's, etc.

Examples: a history degree, bachelor of arts in history. Avoid abbreviations such as B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. Do not place degree abbreviations after names.

academic departments Capitalize formal department names. Lowercase otherwise.

Examples: Department of History, the history department, the Department of Physics & Astronomy.

a cappella Two words, no italics.

adviser Not advisor.

alma mater Lowercase in all references, except when referring specifically to the official Bucknell University song. Bucknell's alma mater is titled "Dear Bucknell."

alumnus, alumni, alumna, alumnae Use alumnus (alumni in the plural) when referring to a man who has attended a school. Use alumna (alumnae in the plural) for similar references to a woman. Use alumni when referring to a group of men and women. Avoid using the shortened form alum in formal writing. Alum is acceptable in informal contexts such as social media.

athletics Not athletic, unless used as an adjective to describe someone or something.

Examples: Bucknell student-athletes excel in athletics and scholarship. He has an athletic build.

awards Capitalize all officially sanctioned awards, honors or decorations. General references such as the prize or award should not be capitalized.

Examples: Nobel Peace Prize, Stephen W. Taylor Medal, Medal of Honor, the award, the cup

Bison Capitalize when referring to Bucknell's athletics team name. The mascot is Bucky.

Board of Trustees Use full name, capitalized on first reference. Lowercase board, trustee and trustees when used alone on second reference.

Bucknellian, Bucknellians Used to refer to alumni and students at Bucknell.

Bucknell University The full name always should be used in first reference except in athletics communications, summary news paragraphs and headlines. Bucknell may be used in all second references. Capitalize University when it is used alone in reference to Bucknell University.

Bucky The Bucknell University athletics mascot

campuswide One word, as are statewide, worldwide and similar constructions. But, University-wide and similar constructions in which the root word has more than two syllables require a hyphen.

chair Use instead of chairman, chairwoman or chairperson when referring to the academic position. Capitalize when used as a title before a name.

Example: James Baish, chair of the Department of Biomedical Engineering. Chair James Baish said the biomedical engineering department ...

classes, courses Capitalize the titles of courses, but not the terms class, course, capstone or foundation seminar when used alone. Do not italicize or place in quotes.

Example: Applied Behavioral Psychology.

college Capitalize only as part of a proper name.

Examples: Boston College. Bucknell University has three colleges: the College of Arts & Sciences, the College of Engineering and the Kenneth W. Freeman College of Management.

dean's list Lowercase in all uses.

doctorate, doctoral Both are preferred over Ph.D.

Examples: He earned a doctorate. She is a doctoral student.

dorms, dormitories Use residence hall or residence halls instead.

endowment Capitalize only when used as part of a formal name of a specific fund.

Example: The William A. Graham IV Wrestling Endowment.

email no hyphen

email addresses All letters should be lowercased except in addresses that require capitals. Proper punctuation should be used if an address ends a sentence or is used in a series.

Example: Contact us at

emeritus Denotes faculty members who have retired. Members of the Board of Trustees may receive emeritus status by vote of the board; it is not conferred automatically. The female form is emerita; the plural is emeriti. Capitalize and place behind the title when used before a name.

Examples: Professor Emeritus John Smith, Trustee Emerita Lisa Jones.

Lowercase if title appears after the name.

Examples: John Smith, professor emeritus of history, Lisa Jones, trustee emerita.

fellow, fellowship Capitalize only when part of the formal name of an award or prize.

Example: Smithsonian Fellowship.

first-year student Use instead of freshman. Avoid using first-year alone as a noun.

fundraising, fundraiser One word in all cases.

graduation Lowercase. Commencement is the formal ceremony.

Greek, Greeks May be used to refer collectively to fraternities and sororities and their members.

health care (n) Two words. hyphenate as an adjective

Example: She studies health care in the United States and Canada.
Health-care reform.

honorary degrees All references to honorary degrees should specify that they are honorary. Otherwise follow style for academic degrees.

Example: Bucknell presented Shirley Ann Jackson with an honorary doctor of humane letters degree.

internet Lowercase.

majors Lowercase except proper nouns.

Example: Her majors are chemistry and French.

pre-law, pre-med Lowercase with a hyphen.

Professor In general, list professors on first reference as follows: Professor Name (comma) academic department (comma). On subsequent reference use only last name. Do not use the abbreviation Prof., Dr. or Doctor. Ranks such as assistant professor and associate professor should only be used when pertinent to the context.

Examples: Professor Charles Xavier, psychology, is on sabbatical.
Professor Jeanne Stevens, computer & electrical engineering, teaches at Bucknell.

'ray Bucknell Note the lower-case R, as this stands for hooray Bucknell.

residence hall(s) Use instead of dorm or dormitory.

ROTC ROTC is acceptable in all references to Reserve Officers' Training Corps. Note service when applicable.

Example: Army ROTC

scholar, scholarship Capitalize only when part of the formal name of an award or prize.

Example: Fulbright Scholarship

scholar-athlete Student-athlete is Bucknell's preferred term, but other bodies such as the Patriot League sometimes use scholar-athlete.

student-athlete Use to refer to members of Bucknell's varsity athletics programs.

theatre Use this spelling except in proper names using the alternate spelling

versus Spell out except in court case titles. Use v. in the latter. Examples: I cannot pick one case versus the other. Brown v. Board was a monumental decision.

University Capitalize when using as a substitute for Bucknell University. Lowercase in the general sense.

Examples: The University was founded in 1846.
She plans to attend a university in Pennsylvania.
Bucknell is among the best universities in the Northeast.

University-wide web addresses The full address, minus the http://www, should be used. You may include the www in certain circumstances in which it is unclear that you are referring to a web address. All letters should be lowercased except when more than one word appears in the web address. Proper punctuation should be used if an address ends a sentence or is used in a series.

Examples: and