This policy governs the University’s management of printing and mailing jobs, and is intended to ensure that available on-campus resources are fully and appropriately used.

Publications, Print & Mail (PP&M), part of the Division of Communications, is the campus resource for printing and mailing projects. PP&M is charged with helping University departments and organizations complete these projects in a high-quality, visually consistent and cost-effective manner. The University has invested in PP&M facilities and staff so that they are prepared to handle a broad range of related jobs, from the simplest short-run jobs to more complex projects.

To allocate University resources e ciently, no graphic design, printing, e-mail campaign or mailing projects should be assigned to outside vendors without a consultation first with PP&M.

If PP&M concludes that it cannot complete the job in question with on-campus resources, PP&M will procure a supplier that can meet the established graphic standards and the level of quality required for the job in a cost-effective fective way for the University.