Your first contact with the Counseling & Student Development Center will typically be a screening interview (intake) in which you and the counselor make decisions about the type of help that would best meet your needs. During the initial intake, it will be determined if your needs are best met by the Counseling & Student Development Center or are beyond the scope of our office. If it appears that you would best be served by off-campus services, we will assist you in locating a more suitable resource.

Individual counseling helps you to clarify your concerns, gain insight into yourself and others, and learn ways to most effectively cope and/or resolve problems. During your first meetings, a counselor will be attempting to gain an understanding of you and your concerns. Then, together, you will set goals for what you would like to accomplish. As counseling progresses, your goals evolve or change. Counseling sessions are typically scheduled weekly and last 45-50 minutes.

Individual counseling works best when you (a) have some idea of what you would like to talk about; (b) feel motivated to do so; and (c) feel comfortable enough with your counselor to address your concerns. For those reasons, it is often helpful to think about what you would like to discuss during a counseling session and to spend time between sessions reflecting on your feelings and behaviors. Additionally, be sure to raise with your counselor any feelings or concerns germane to the counseling process.

The Counseling & Student Development Center works with students in individual counseling on a short-term basis. You are encouraged to explore your needs with the counselor and, together, you will discuss the length of counseling. Ensuring the safety and well-being of a student is at the core of how and how long we work with students.