Get INvolved

Log in to the INvolvement Network to find student organization activities as well as upcoming events that are sponsored by the CAP Center. Look through the University Calendar for public lectures, performances, and other events. And check out the "I'm a Current Student" page — the What's Happening and News & Media areas might have something that interests you.


A non-sectarian meditation space is located on the second floor of the Fellowship House at 628 St. George Street. The house is open daily from 8 a.m. - 11 p.m. There are also interfaith spaces in the Meditation Chapel at the rear of Rooke Chapel, Berelson Center for Jewish Life (632 St. George Street), Newman House (610 St. George Street) and the Muslim Prayer Room (Room 40 Gateway Roser).

Work It Out

If you enjoy exercising, take advantage of the KLARC, Kinney Natatorium, Gerhard Fieldhouse and the indoor and outdoor courts. In addition, Recreation Services provides group fitness classes, club sports, intramural sports, and late night activities.