Download a copy of a Blank Event Form (xlsx). If the link opens the Excel sheet in a new window, fill it in and select "Save As" from the File menu. Otherwise, a dialog will prompt you to save the document to your computer.

Instruction for filling out the worksheet

Fill out the form as follows and e-mail the completed form as an attached Excel spreadsheet or PDF to

  1. Event Name: This should read the same as the title given to the scheduler for the room reservation.
  2. Day: The day of the week for the event.
  3. Date: Month/Day/Year. If you type month/day, the year should fill automatically.
  4. Location: Building and room number
  5. Contact Person: Your name
  6. Phone: Your phone number
  7. Email: Your e-mail address, where we will send the order confirmation
  8. Department: Your department
  9. Guest Count: Number of expected guests
  10. Service Type: Buffet or Served
  11. Event Start: The time your event begins
  12. Event End: The time your event is over and we can clean up
  13. Account #: Account number to be charged
  14. 2nd Index Code #: Additional account number to be charged
  15. Budget $$$: If you have a maximum budget, enter the dollar amount
  16. Please Select as Needed: Indicate the type of service ware you need, disposables or china. If items are not checked, you will automatically receive disposables. Also, please indicate if you require linens for seating tables. Buffet linens are included with your order.
  17. Quantity: Number of items ordered as listed in the description
  18. Description: The menu item you want to order
  19. Unit Price: Price found in the Catering Guide
  20. Amount: The total amount auto calculates by multiplying the quantity by the unit price