Chrissy Findlay

I would like to think I am "kind of" first generation. My father earned his degree, but pursued a non-traditional route as he was also raising a young family and working. So, he did not live on campus, and most of his classes were in the evening. While I was the third of five children, I was the first to actually conduct a college search that included a few campus visits and tours, and eventually the first to go away to college. And, since I aspired to play college soccer, most of my college visits (and search in general) involved soccer recruitment. So, I basically navigated my college search on my own. I am grateful that I found a private liberal arts school that provided invaluable skills because of the emphasis on life, leadership and service through a well-rounded education and close-knit campus community. I do recall being overwhelmed during my first year, but my parents always emphasized working hard and asking for help when I needed it. Therefore, I forged many relationships with professors and staff that really helped and supported me along the way. I feel extremely fortunate to have experiences and friendships that will last a lifetime.