Danielle Kraus Going to college was what was expected of me and choosing a school was a rather random process. There was no input from the high school guidance counselor and my family really didn't know where to begin. I elected to attend the first school that accepted me, not pursuing another institution that I later realized would have been a much better fit for me. After the first year I transferred closer to home and ultimately ended up attending Bucknell. I did not have the traditional undergraduate experience as I lived at home while enrolled in school. I got involved in a few areas and even held some jobs on campus. I really thought I was, "living the life".

While things didn't go exactly as I thought they would, I received that diploma! I eventually came to realize that college was what you made of the experience. Coming back to Bucknell to work has allowed me to take advantage of some of the wonderful opportunities I wish I would have experienced. Don't be afraid to ask for help, guidance or just an opinion — you never know what lies behind the next door!