Ellen AmaranteNothing about my college experience has been traditional. I commuted to a state university for 2 years directly out of high school, then married and put my degree on hold until our two children were both in school. I completed my undergrad at Bucknell in 2008 after many years of attending as a part-time student. I went on to complete some extra courses in order to receive teaching certification in 2010, and finished my Master's degree in Educational Administration in 2016.

The fact that I am a first-generation college student (although my dad did attend a post-high school trade program) made it easier for me to find my own educational path, and to persevere when the road seemed endless. My parents, my husband, and my children have all been tirelessly supportive, as they share my love of learning and applaud a tenacious desire to pursue dreams. Now my oldest child is starting graduate studies in speech pathology, and my youngest is an engineering student here at Bucknell. I trust that they will engender the same dedication to education in the next generation.