Jackie CeteraI always new that I wanted to attend college! I can remember taking tours at open house events and picturing myself on each of the respective campuses as a student. As a first generation college student, I can also remember the anxiety that came along with completing applications, making the final institution decision, moving in, starting classes, and making friends.

During my first year, I explored every opportunity to get involved. I explored clubs, organizations, sororities, and on-campus jobs. I became a student leader and very involved. I was very fortunate to have administrators on campus that took me under their wing and guided me throughout my four years... through all my happy, sad, and hard times.

I love that I have the opportunity to work with first-generation students and provide opportunities and resources during their college career. I encourage you to get involved and seek out faculty and staff along your journey when you have questions or something arises and you need support.