Zhiqun Zhu

​I grew up in China during the Cultural Revolution. When we attended colleges in the mid-1980s​, pretty much everyone was a first-generation college student. We did not have any support system from school or family to help make our college life easy and most rewarding. Sure, there were "political counselors" assigned by the school to each class, but their primary job was to ensure students' "political correctness". How lucky today's college students are, both in China and in the US, since there are a lot of people who can and are willing to help you.

Before joining Bucknell, I taught at a college in Connecticut with a high percentage of students being first-generation and I learned a lot about and were inspired by these students. As a new Bucknellian, you may face different kinds of challenges, but bear in mind this is a diverse place with people who share your concerns and frustrations and who are here to help you make a smooth transition to college life and beyond.