Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Fellows contribute to campus-wide professional development focused on diversity and inclusion and oversee specific projects related to implementing the Diversity Plan.

Carmen Henne-Ochoa, Ph.D., Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Fellow

Carmen Henne-OchoaCarmen Henne-Ochoa is a sociologist whose work has focused on social stratification and identity formation processes. She has written and presented on ethnographic research she conducted in Mexico City, where she studied the impact of economic and workplace restructuring on Mexican professionals’ class habitus, including the approaches they’ve taken to make social and cultural sense of their downward mobility. More recently, Carmen’s research interests address how college students’ social class habitus shapes their discourses on meritocracy and the American Dream. At Bucknell, as a visiting assistant professor, she has taught several courses, including Social Inequality and Education, Social Class, and Achievement in America.

Carmen’s commitment to diversity work stems from her desire to build understanding and respect among individuals of diverse backgrounds as well as her desire to motivate the campus community to genuinely and energetically engage across difference. She is excited to help members of the Bucknell community develop knowledge and skills necessary for (1) promoting personal growth, (2) building active social capital that challenges stereotyped preconceptions, and (3) creating a community in which difference and inclusion are understood and embraced as necessary qualities of campus life.  

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