A. Charges

The charges for facilities and service fees are subject to guaranteed head and room count numbers. The following also applies:

  1. There will be a charge for all lost keys, payable by Purchaser to the University. Keys not turned in to the Events Management Office within 72 hours after check out will be considered lost.
  2. The charge for facilities and services covers the general use of campus buildings, grounds, and recreational facilities; routine custodial services during normal hours and conference staff services. There will be additional fees for extra Facilities assistance.
  3. Coffee breaks, banquets and special menu prices will vary depending on selection and set-up. Participants will be charged for all meals during stay unless arrangements are made prior to arrival.
  4. Audio/visual equipment, computer and technical services are charged according to use and must be arranged in advance of arrival.
  5. Pool fees are by the hour and hours must be scheduled in advance. (Requests cannot always be guaranteed.)
  6. Miscellaneous items will be billed accordingly.

B. Billing

As soon as practical, after the completion of the conference, the University will provide Purchaser with a bill listing all charges and credits for the conference. Purchaser will pay the University for all unpaid charges within thirty (30) days after receipt of the bill.

C. Guarantee

Purchaser will provide the University with guaranteed numbers for lodging and food service no later than ten (10) working days before the earliest date appearing in the Facility Use Agreement. A realistic estimate account must be provided thirty (30) days prior to arrival. The charges for which Purchaser shall be liable will be based on said guaranteed numbers or actual head and room counts, or the amount shown in paragraph D below, whichever is greater, with the guaranteed numbers for head and room counts subject to the following:

  1. Amounts of charges shall be no less than 95% of the amounts computed using the guaranteed numbers for head and room counts; and
  2. The University does not guarantee availability of facilities, food, or lodging in excess of that required for 105% of said guaranteed numbers for head and room counts, respectively.

D. Cancellation

If the Purchaser cancels this agreement ninety (90) days before the first date of the Event, it shall be liable to the University for 25% of the projected total. If the Purchaser cancels this agreement sixty (60) days before the first date of the Event, it shall be liable to the University for 50% of the projected total. If the Purchaser cancels this agreement thirty (30) days before the first date of the Event, it shall be liable to the University for 75% of the projected total. Payment shall be made within (10) days of such cancellation.

E. Failure to Pay

Purchaser agrees that if it fails to pay the charges or any part thereof in accordance with this agreement, or if Purchaser violates any other provisions of this agreement, all remaining obligations of the University under this agreement shall, at the option of the University, cease and be terminated upon written notice mailed to the last known address of Purchaser. In any case, all amounts owing to the University hereunder which are more than thirty (30) days past due shall be subject to a service charge of 1% per month. Purchaser shall reimburse the University for all collection costs, including professional fees and other expenses incurred in enforcing collection of any and all amounts owing hereunder, whether or not legal action is instituted. In the event suit or actions is instituted to enforce compliance with this agreement, including but not limited to the collection of any sums due and owing, the University shall be entitled to such sum as the trial court, and on appeal any appellate court, may adjudge reasonable as attorney fees to be allowed in said suit or action.