It is your responsibility to read and understand the Cowan Conference Center Regulations and General Information (pdf).

Application for Use

*It is important that times be accurate, as premises will be opened and secured accordingly.

If this is an overnight event please indicate:

Please provide the name of the contact person(s) in charge of this event at the center.
For overnight functions, coed groups require BOTH a male and a female "responsible person":

Bunks are furnished with a mattress (total of 28 bunked beds per side). Individuals should bring their own linens or sleeping bag unless rental of linens is arranged in advance with the Events Management office.

Your insurance carrier, in most cases, will be able to provide the certificate needed. If not, you may purchase insurance through Bucknell University.

For information on rental fees, insurance fees, and availability, please contact the Events Management Office at 570.577.3095.

In consideration of the privilege of using Bucknell facilities in accordance with the above request, it is hereby agreed that Bucknell University, its students, officers, faculty, administrators, and/or employees shall not be held liable in the event of accident or injury to any individual who may participate in the above noted event or program, nor for damage to or loss of personal property. The individual or organization requesting the use of University facilities hereby waives any and all claims against Bucknell University, its students, faculty, officers, representatives, or employees resulting from use of Bucknell University property as above noted, and assumes all risk of accident, injury, illness, or damage to or loss of personal property occurring to its guests, members, or participants, and hereby agrees to reimburse Bucknell University and hold Bucknell harmless for any damages, liability, or claims resulting from such use of Bucknell facilities.

At least 30 days prior to the start of the Event, Purchaser must provide a roster of all individuals who will be working or volunteering at the Event. Purchaser must also provide the names of all Participant chaperones (if any).

By signing this Agreement, Purchaser certifies that it has confirmed that appropriate background checks have been performed on every individual working or volunteering at the Event, in accordance with Pennsylvania's Child Protective Services Law, as well as any other state or federal law applicable to the Event. Purchaser further certifies that the participation of any employee or volunteer upon the completion of such background checks will be consistent with applicable law. Purchaser acknowledges its failure to adhere to the requirements of the Child Protective Services Law may constitute a criminal offense.


Bucknell reserves the right to cancel, postpone or change location of a function when in the opinion of the Vice President for Finance and Admi1 the function will interfere with a scheduled University function or a natural disaster, acts of nature, etc.

- - - Entering your name and date is required to confirm you have read and agree to the Waiver, Release and Assumption of Risk - - -