Rooke Chapel and Bucknell Hall are available to all people for weddings. Inquiries about reservations, rental fees and insurance requirements may be made with Maredith Spangler 570.577.3666 or We also welcome inquiries for rehearsal dinners and wedding receptions.


Marriage ceremonies in Pennsylvania may be performed by the following:

  • Judges
  • Justices of the Peace,
  • County Clerks or their Deputies within the county
  • or clergy of any regularly established church or congregation (i.e., ministers, pastors, priests, rabbis).

Bucknell's Chaplain for the Catholic Community 570.577.3766, Director of Jewish Life 570.577.2273 and University Chaplain 570.577.1592, officiate at weddings according to their schedules and discretion. All Roman Catholics planning to be married on campus must first be approved by Bucknell's Chaplain for the Catholic Community before a date may be scheduled.

Officiant statement: University-affiliated chaplains who officiate will have final say on all liturgy (music, service order, etc.).

Additional fee may be required.


A one-hour rehearsal time on the evening prior to your wedding should be reserved when your wedding is confirmed.

Custodial Service

A custodian will be present during your rehearsal and wedding. The custodian reserves the right to refuse any last minute requests.


  • Rice, confetti, rose petals, birdseed, balloons, or any other object may not be thrown or released either inside or outside either facility.
  • Nothing may be attached with tape, thumbtacks, etc.
  • Candlelight services are prohibited.
  • No furniture may be moved, including piano, lectern and pulpit.
  • No Animals/pets are permitted.
  • Use of horse and buggy by permission only on University grounds.
  • Alcohol is not permitted in or outside the chapel other than for communion services.
  • Florists and photographers are required to abide by your specific contracted time.


Bucknell requires a minimum of $2,000,000 liability insurance per occurrence for those wishing to rent the University's facilities. Bucknell offers special event insurance or you can use other options. Further information will be provided with your contract.

General Questions

Any questions regarding marriage licenses, blood tests, or marriage laws may be directed to the Office of the Prothonotary at the Union County Court House, 2nd Street, Lewisburg, 570.524.8600.


Rooke Chapel Information

Exterior of Rooke Chapel

Dates Available

Saturday dates are generally available, with the exclusion of April, May, December and on certain University occasions. Dates may be requested in the distant future, but reservations can be confirmed no earlier than one year in advance. Sunday weddings cannot be accommodated.


Specific times are allotted for weddings depending on Bucknell's academic calendar.

Organ and Piano

The pipe organ and a grand piano are available for wedding use, but the University organist, Mr. David Cover reserves the right to approve the proposed organist. A list of organists is available at the Events Management Office. Organists should contact the Rooke Chapel Office, 570.577.1592 to schedule rehearsal times, if applicable.


Use of the pathway behind the Chapel is permitted for two vehicles only. No vehicles may be driven on the pathway in front of the Chapel. At the conclusion of the ceremony, the wedding party vehicles may "line up" on Dent Drive. Parking on the lawn is prohibited. Parking is available on Moore Avenue and the Stadium Drive parking lot.


Parking for people with disabilities is available in the Stadium Drive lot. An accessible ramp is located on the right side of the Chapel. The ramp for drop-off may be accessed by turning onto the driveway opposite the Weis Center on Dent Drive. There is an accessible sign at the entrance to the driveway. Drive to the ramp adjoining the chapel portico and exit back out onto Dent Drive to one of the parking areas. An accessible gender neutral bathroom is located in the Chapel to the left upon entry. Please advise the Chaplains & Religious Life Office if you have a person with a disability and require information on accommodations. (Phone: 570.577.1592)


There are two candelabras, holding seven candles each, totaling 14. Candles for the candelabras are provided. Only these candles and the unity candle are permitted, and only in the altar area, with protective plastic under the holders. Unity candles are not provided. Only dripless can be used.

Equipment Includes

  • Concert grand piano and pipe organ
  • Lectern and pulpit microphones
  • One wireless lapel microphone and one wireless hand held microphone
  • 2 single kneeling benches with rail
  • 5 music stands
  • Although aisle runners are not included, The aisle for a runner is 75' long.
  • No communion supplies are provided
  • Maximum capacity is 650 (downstairs center section seats approximately 300)


Bucknell Hall Information

Exterior of Bucknell HallGeneral Information

Bucknell Hall may be used particularly for Jewish wedding and interfaith services. Jewish services must have approval by the Director of Jewish Life, 570.577.2273.

Dates Available

Sunday dates are available during the year, with the exclusion of April, May, December and certain University occasions. Due to the University's schedule, Saturday dates are very limited. Although dates may be requested in the distant future, reservations can be confirmed no earlier than one year in advance.


Specific times are allotted for weddings depending on Bucknell's academic calendar.


A baby grand piano is available on the stage and may not be moved. An organ is not available. A list of pianists is available from the Events Management Office 570.577.3666. Rehearsal time must be scheduled.


Parking can be accommodated on Loomis and Walker Streets. Please observe all parking signs. Handicapped parking is available in the Harris lot, by Vedder Hall and Lowry House. Close parking is limited.


A ramp is located in the rear. Please advise the Events Management Office if you have a person with a disability and require information on accommodations.


  • Maximum capacity is 130
  • Facility is carpeted and air-conditioned
  • Only a portable microphone is available upon request
  • No candles or fuel lights permitted, even "altar candles"
  • There is a table that may be used as an altar table
  • Floral arrangements must have protective material underneath
  • Furniture may not be moved without prior, written permission
  • See "General Wedding Information" for additional restrictions


Bucknell University reserves the right to restrict aspects of any wedding deemed inappropriate for either Rooke Chapel or Bucknell Hall. Bucknell also reserves the right to cancel, postpone or change location when, in the opinion of the Vice President for Finance & Administration, the function will interfere with a scheduled University function, natural disaster or acts of nature.