Check the list below to see which department can best handle your work request.

Service/Product NeededDepartment
Air conditioning Facilities
Benches Procurement Services
Blackboards (permanent) Facilities
Blackboards (moveable) Procurement Services
Carpeting Facilities
Carpentry Facilities
Cleaning Facilities
Computer moves Library & IT
Computers Library & IT
Copiers Publications, Print & Mail
Curtains Facilities
Dining Equipment Procurement Services
Fax Machine Procurement Services
Furniture, classroom Procurement Services
Furniture, lounge Procurement Services
Furniture, office Procurement Services
Furniture, outdoor Facilities
Furniture, residence hall Procurement Services
Heating Facilities
Janitorial supplies Facilities
Keys/locks Facilities
Lighting, fixed Facilities
Lighting, moveable Facilities
Mail Delivery Publications, Print & Mail
Microwaves Procurement Services
Mini blinds Facilities
Networking Library & IT
Office moves Facilities
Office supplies Bookstore; Procurement Services
Painting Facilities
Paper, office Publications, Print & Mail; Purchasing
Plumbing Facilities
Printing Publications, Print & Mail; Purchasing
Refrigerators Facilities
Renovations Facilities
Signage Facilities
Software Bookstore; Library & IT
Tables Procurement Services
Tables, picnic Facilities
Telephone Library & IT
Tent Rental Facilities
Vehicle maintenance Facilities
Vehicle, use of Reservations
Vehicles, purchase Procurement Services
Vending machines Procurement Services