The University Space Committee is chaired by the campus planner. The committee is the coordinating body for most non-academic campus space issues, both indoor and outdoor, and is advisory to the Operations & Management Group. The Committee looks to the Academic Space Committee for recommendations on academic and instructional space needs and priorities. In response to requests from individuals, offices or programs, the Committee considers current space use assignments and data and the suitability of specific spaces for suggested or competing uses in order to approve or recommend 1) modification or conversion of space and 2) the assignment or reassignment of existing space. All space is considered University space that is available for utilization to support the University's mission.

Membership of the University Space Committee consists of the following:

  1. Vice President for Finance and Administration, Chair
  2. Associate Vice President for Facilities, Vice Chair
  3. Associate Vice President for Finance
  4. Campus Planner, Secretary
  5. Executive Director of Events Management Office
  6. Provost or designee
  7. Registrar
  8. Dean of Students
  9. Dean of Engineering or designee
  10. Dean of Arts and Sciences or designee
  11. Dean/Director of Management or designee
  12. Faculty representative from Planning and Budget
  13. Faculty representative from Faculty Council
  14. Chair of Academic Space Committee
  15. Student representative from Bucknell Student Government
  16. Appointed student representative

To make a request for space or seek a change in current space utilization, whether indoor or outdoor, please submit a brief proposal, via the Space Request Form, to the University Space Committee through the Office of the Vice President for Finance and Administration. Requestors must consult the appropriate department head(s) or Dean(s) when preparing the proposal. Requests proposing specific solutions that are endorsed by all affected parties are most likely to receive approval. Because of the shortage of space on campus, requests that do not propose solutions are much more difficult to support. It is often helpful for requestors to discuss proposals with a member of the University Space Committee before creating/submitting a proposal.



  • The Space Committee will normally meet on the first Thursday of each month during the academic year.
  • Additional meetings may be scheduled by the Chair as necessary.
  • Minutes will be prepared and distributed by the Secretary, within 5 working days of the meeting, for review by Committee members. Any comments/corrections should be provided to the Secretary within 3 working days.
    • The Secretary will post approved meeting minutes on the Space Committee Google Drive folder or equivalent.
  • Meeting agendas will be generated primarily from submitted space requests. Individuals or groups may request that special agenda items, for example briefings on a new initiative that might impact space, be added to the agenda by submitting a request to the Chair.
  • The Chair will distribute agenda items and any associated backup information in advance of the meeting. A Google Drive folder or equivalent will be used to store and share information with Committee members.

Space requests

  • All requests must be made in writing using the Space Request Form.
  • Submitted requests will be reviewed by the Chair within 10 days.
  • Often, additional information and research will be required prior to presenting the information to the Space Committee.
    • Once all information is gathered, the request will be placed on the agenda for the next scheduled Committee meeting.
    • The Secretary shall ensure the requestor is notified of the meeting schedule.
  • After reviewing a space request, the Committee will approve, approve with comment, return the request for additional information, or deny the request.
    • After the minutes are approved, the Secretary shall provide the requestor(s) feedback on their space request.
    • If additional information is requested, the Secretary will work with the requestor(s) to gather that information. Normally, these requests will be reviewed at the next available Space Committee meeting.
  • An organization that desires to change the use of their existing space (e.g. change a storage room into an office), needs to document that change on the Space Request Form (Attachment 1). These types of requests are normally approved. The Secretary shall provide a summary of changes of use requests to the Space Committee.

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