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Personal Computers: Just bought a new computer? Now wondering what to do with the old one? Do not throw it out. Recycle your old electronic equipment, or give it to someone that will recover it, repair it, and reuse it. Technology retailers like Best Buy and Staples both offer computer and electronic recycling. (back)


Bucknell Computers: Bucknell recycles university electronic equipment through The Federal Prison Industries Inc. (UNICOR) Recycling Group at Lewisburg Prison where the components are reused as much as possible. UNICOR will receive electronic equipment at no cost (including monitors) and recycle as much as possible and properly dispose the rest. Lewisburg Prison does have a permit for accepting electronic waste and the MOU transfers ownership for purposes of any further hazardous waste disposal. (back)


Ink Jet Cartridges: Most Bucknell printer cartridges (HP, Dell, etc.) can be recycled and will generate cash in return.  Ink jet cartridges should be sent to Office of Civic Engagement, 119 Bertrand Library via Campus mail where students will sort and recycle them as a fundraiser for Bucknell Brigade to Nicaragua.  They should be placed back into the box that your replacement toner came in.  You can put them back into the plastic bag also, but that isn't required since the printer cartridges are typically sealed better and do not have toner leaking from them.  Personal ink cartridges are collected by the Student Environmental Club and Procurement Services Office and collection locations are placed throughout campus. (back)


Bucknell Toner Cartridges: Toner cartridges are tanks that simply hold toner.  They cannot be recycled through the Office of Civic Engagement program.  All cartridges will continue to be picked up via Campus mail and sent to Office of Civic Engagement, where they will be sorted out and eventually taken by Facilities to Unicor for recycling.  The cartridges should be placed in plastic bags to prevent ink spills. (back)


Copy Machine Cartridges: Bucknell copy machine cartridges (Canon) should be sent to Office of Civic Engagement, 119 Bertrand Library via Campus mail where they are packaged for recycling as a fundraiser for Bucknell Brigade to Nicaraqua.  Older machine drums have a contaminant in them and they are disposed as Hazwaste. The cartridges should be placed in plastic bags to prevent ink spills. (back)


Yard Waste/Trees: All Landscaping waste generated on Campus is placed at a site on West Campus where a Tub grinder mulches the debris. The debris is then placed in windrows and rotated periodically where it partially decomposes. This composting process generates a very fertile top dressing for grounds on campus or it’s mixed with other soil for fill material. (back)


Food: Dining services has a process that reduces the liquids from the food waste. Currently the food waste is disposed. Bucknell is studying the feasibility of adding a food composting process that will recycle this food waste. (back)


Rubber: Tires are taken to Lycoming Landfill where they are collected and then sent to a recycle vendor. (back)


Solvents: Solvents for parts washer are in a self-contained tub and a company cleans and recycles the spent solvents. (back)


Oil: Used motor and hydraulic oils are picked up by several local vendors and they mix with fuel oil for heat or recycle. (back)


Antifreeze: Used antifreeze is collected and recycled by a vendor. (back)


Batteries: Used car batteries are taken to NAPA for recycling. (back)


Furniture: Bucknell Facilities Warehouse collects used Bucknell furniture. Reusable furniture is stored in the warehouse for possible reuse within the university. Excess used furniture is recycled to Bethesda Day Treatment Center, Milton, Food for the Poor, Florida for third world countries, and several local non-profit organizations. (back)

Student Move Out/Clothes: Each Spring semester Residential Education and the Office of Campus Sustainability hold a sustainable move out drive benefiting local nonprofits in the Susquehanna Valley with hundreds of pounds of donated items. In the last month of classes, donation boxes are placed in designated locations in residence halls around campus and regularly picked up. (back)