Find answers to frequently asked questions about B-bill.

About B-bill

What is B-bill?

  • B-bill is Bucknell's official billing method. It allows individuals and their authorized users to view account statements, make payments and manage their account. It is a secure, convenient and reliable alternative to paper bills.

What can I do within B-bill?

  • Check your balance.
  • View your bill.
  • Make an online payment using your checking or savings accounts.
  • View your payment history.
  • Store your payment methods for quick and easy payment.
  • Provide permission to others to view your bill and make payments.
  • Receive e-mail/text notifications of important billing information.

What are the benefits of B-bill?

  • B-bill offers secure, convenient and reliable 24/7 billing account access. B-bill is also a key component of our campus greening initiative. Several University applications and processes, including admission and class registration, are also electronic. Paperless billing utilizes the web-based communications to which Bucknellians are accustomed.

Is B-bill secure?

  • Yes! Bucknell has partnered with TouchNet Information Systems, a leading provider of secure electronic billing and payment solutions.

Why did Bucknell choose TouchNet?

  • TouchNet has been providing electronic payment solutions to the University since 2007. Bucknell chose to enhance our current relationship with additional electronic billing services already in use by hundreds of colleges across the country. TouchNet is a preferred partner with Bucknell’s enterprise system.

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Accessing and Viewing B-bill

How do I login to B-bill?

As a student, what if I have multiple e-mail addresses?

  • B-bill will use your official Bucknell e-mail address to communicate with you. You can also add an alternate e-mail address to your profile within B-bill. You will receive communications at both addresses.

Can I get a paper bill instead?

  • B-bill is Bucknell’s official billing method. If you want a paper copy of your Account Statement, you may print a copy from within B-bill.

How often are bills generated?

  • The fall semester student account statement is available in mid-July; the spring statement is available in early December. Additional statements for personal charges, including bookstore, health services, and other miscellaneous charges are available on a monthly basis during the academic year.

How will I know I have a new bill available to view?

  • Students, faculty and staff (including authorized users) will receive e-mail notifications when new bills are available.

Can I receive text notifications of B-bill statement availability?

  • Yes! Update your Communication settings under My Profiles within B-bill today. Please note, text messages may be received during the overnight hours.

Can I give access to others to view and pay my account?

  • Yes! You can create authorized users who can view your account and make payments. Once logged into B-bill, click Authorized Users and enter required information. Once complete, an e-mail notification will be sent to your authorized users with login instructions.

As a parent, can I access my student’s B-bill account?

  • Yes! However, federal privacy regulations prohibit Bucknell from releasing financial information to parents without student consent. Therefore, students will need to authorize their parents or others to view their account and make online payments.

Why does a student have to authorize a parent’s access to B-bill?

  • We recognize that many parents play a significant role in the financial support of their student’s education. However, our billing relationship is with the student, and privacy laws prohibit us from releasing financial information to parents without student consent.

As a parent, how will I know my student has a new bill available for me to view?

  • Once your student authorizes you to access B-bill, you will receive notifications as new bills are available to your e-mail account on record within B-bill.

What if an authorized user forgets his/her B-bill password?

  • Go to, click the Authorized User Login link, and follow the instructions for Forgot Your Password?

What if I don’t have internet access during holidays or the summer?

  • There will always be cases when someone is not available by normal communication methods. Internet access is now like phone and postal service, so it would be the same as if Bucknell tried to call you or send you a letter and you were unreachable through either of those methods. Obviously, the University will try to reach you through multiple methods with any exceptionally critical communications.

Who do I call if I can’t access B-bill?

  • Students, faculty, staff and authorized users having trouble accessing B-bill should contact Bursar Services at or 570.577.3733.

I have a question about a charge on my bill. Who should I contact?

B-Bill/General billing    570.577.3733   
Bookstore   570.577.1128   
Bucknell Dining   570.577.1240   
Parking Issues   570.577.3333   
Financial Aid   570.577.1331   
Greek Room/Board/Dues   570.577.1638 
Library Fines   570.577.1882   
Meal Plan Billing   570.577.3733   
Room/Housing Damages   570.577.1195   
Shuttle Services   570.577.1953   
Student Fines   570.577.1634   
Student Health Insurance   570.577.1159   
Student Health Service   570.577.1401   
Ticket Sales   570.577.1000   

Why don't my transactions listed on the account activity screen equal the term balance?

  • The account activity screen displays charges and payments on a term by term basis. You may find this functionality useful if you are looking for a specific transaction or need information about previous semesters' charges.
  • However, Please Note: payments reduce the oldest term balance regardless of the payment date, therefore, some payments may be listed in a more recent term, but were applied to/reduce a previous term's balance (For example: A payment made in the fall 2014 term will be applied to the open/unpaid balance, if any, from a previous term.)
  • The sum of term balances on the Account Activity screen equals your Current Balance.
  • We suggest you use the Payment screen if you are interested in just reviewing your payment history.

What does a negative (-) balance represent in B-bill?

  • The negative balance represents a credit or excess payment on your account that may be refundable to you. Please see "Credit Balance Refund Policy" for more details.

Why did I receive a bill with a zero or credit balance?

  • If you made a payment, received Federal aid, or had any activity on your account during a billing cycle, you may receive a bill that shows this activity resulting in a zero or credit balance. No payment is necessary. This statement is for your records only.

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Payment Information

How can I store a payment method for future use within B-bill?

  • As you make your payment in B-bill, you have the option of saving your payment method for future use.

Who can see the memo field on the Make a Payment screen?

  • The payer is the only individual who can see the memo. This memo field is only viewable from the Payment History screen by selecting Show only payments made by me under Select a Payer.

Who can access the saved payment methods within B-bill?

  • Only the user who established the payment method can view the details. In the interest of security and privacy, each authorized user is assigned a separate login name and password to access their account and payment history.

What methods of payment are accepted?

  • B-bill, Bucknell’s online billing service, accepts eCheck (checking or savings account) transactions online. B-bill is the fastest, most convenient and secure method to remit payment to the University.
  • The Cashier accepts payments by personal check, money order, cashier’s check or cash or at 108 Marts Hall. (See ‘Can I pay by paper check?’ FAQ.)
  • Please contact Bursar Services at for wire transfer instructions.

Can I pay by paper check?

  • While it is convenient and secure to pay online using B-bill, you may send a paper check with full payment of the total due on or before the due date. Please make your check payable to “Bucknell University” and include your BU ID number on the check to ensure proper credit to your account. We do not accept post-dated checks.

    Please send checks to:
    Bursar Services
    Bucknell University
    1 Dent Drive
    Lewisburg, PA 17837
  • Personal check, money order, cashier’s check, or cash may also be made in person at the Cashier’s office located at 108 Marts Hall.
  • Please note that Bucknell may convert a paper check to an electronic check when processed. A penalty fee of $25 is charged by Bucknell for any check or online payment returned by the payer’s bank.

Will I receive confirmation that payments have been applied to my account?

  • When you make an online payment using B-bill, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your payment. If an authorized user makes a payment, both you and the authorized user will receive an e-mail confirmation. You can view your B-bill account 24 hours a day to see real-time charges and payments.

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Payment Plans and Refunds

Can I set up a payment plan?

  • Yes! In fact, if you are unable to pay in full by the due date, you must sign up for Bucknell's Monthly Payment Plan, administered by Tuition Management Systems (TMS), which is a budget plan that divides college costs into ten consecutive monthly interest-free installments. The student and/or parents are responsible for establishing a budget with TMS that is sufficient to pay the charges for the academic year. For further information or to apply, please contact TMS at 800-722-4867 or

What will happen if my account is not paid by the due date?

  • If full payment is not received by the due date, a late payment fee of 1% of the amount past due will be assessed. Past due balances will result in the temporary suspension of Bucknell charge privileges. In addition, a financial hold may be placed on your account with the subsequent withholding of online class registration, future enrollment, transcripts and diplomas if your account is not paid in full. Students are encouraged to contact Bursar Services to discuss any special circumstances surrounding an outstanding account balance.

Can I pre-pay my tuition at the current rate?

  • Yes! The Bucknell Tuition Prepayment Plan offers families the option of prepaying two or more years of tuition at the rate set for the upcoming academic year, thus foregoing future tuition increases. This plan is available to enrolled undergraduate students who are not receiving need-based or merit-based grant or scholarship assistance awarded by Bucknell University. Tuition is the only cost which may be prepaid through this plan.

I am separating from the University. What is Bucknell’s refund policy?

I have a credit balance on my billing account. How can I get a refund?

  • If you haven't done so already, please login to B-bill, select eRefunds, and create a direct deposit bank account to which the refund will be deposited. You may then request a refund of your credit balance using the Request a Refund form under B-bill in myBucknell.

As a faculty/staff member should I set up an eRefund profile?

  • No, unless you plan to receive a reimbursement from your accommodation account due to overpayment. eRefunds is not used for the reimbursement of business expenses.

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Other Questions

How are transfer students billed their first semester?

  • Registration materials must be returned to the Registrar’s Office and class schedules approved by the dean before a bill is issued. The initial bill is usually for tuition and fees. Room and meal charges will be billed upon completion of room assignment and meal plan enrollment. Any additional questions should be directed to Bursar Services at 570.577.3733.

What should a student do once they're notified they're receiving an outside scholarship?

  • It is suggested that the student photocopy the Letter of Notification. This letter should include: (1) the scholarship name; 2) the amount of the award; 3) the period of time covered by the award; (i.e. fall semester, spring semester, the academic year, etc.); 4) the student’s name; 5) the student’s Bucknell ID number. (Any information missing from the letter may be written in.)
  • The photocopy should be mailed with the bill to: Bursar Services, Bucknell University 108 Marts Hall, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, 17837.

What banking facilities are available either on campus or in Lewisburg?

  • The services of various banking institutions are available locally. Several are located on Market Street (Rt. 45) in the borough of Lewisburg. All banks maintain an ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) at each branch.
  • In addition, two ATMs, one for Service 1st Federal Credit Union and another for M&T Bank, are located in the Langone Center on campus. Students should contact each bank for ATM locations and account information. Limited check cashing services may be available at Bursar Services on campus, but the University reserves the right to discontinue or charge for this service at any time.

Is it necessary to establish a student banking account in a Lewisburg bank?

  • Whether students bank in Lewisburg or at home is a matter of personal preference; however, it is recommended that they have their own checking accounts. Students who will be working on campus should note that all pay is direct-deposited by the University into whatever account the student designates at the time of hiring.

Do I need health insurance to attend Bucknell University?

  • Yes! Every undergraduate student is required to have his or her own medical insurance. If the student is covered by their own insurance, they may waive the university-approved plan. Students will receive information regarding the University-sponsored plan through a summer mailing. All international students MUST purchase the University-approved plan, regardless of any other coverage that they may have.

Where can I get more information?

Why do I have a "Finance Hold" on my account?

  • A financial hold is placed on your account as a result of a past due balance and includes the subsequent withholding of online class registration, future enrollment, transcripts and diplomas, as well as Bucknell charging privileges, if your account is not paid in full. Students are required to contact Bursar Services to discuss any special circumstances surrounding an outstanding account balance.

What if I don't have a B-bill login?

How do I add money to Campus or Dining Dollars?

Do you offer Tuition Refund Insurance?

  • No, however we encourage you to consider purchasing tuition refund insurance from one of the many commercially available providers.