Below are some tips to ensure that your gift is made prior to Dec. 31.

  • Cash and Checks sent by U. S. mail must be postmarked by December 31. Donors making gifts near year-end should have the envelope cancelled by their post office before December 31. Dropping an envelope in a corner mail box may not suffice if the mail gets picked up and a gets cancellation date added a day or two later.
  • Credit card gifts (Even those sent via US mail) are complete on the date Bucknell charges your card. If you are making a credit card gift after mid-December but before December 31, we recommend using our secure online giving form at
  • Stock gifts are dated and valued under special rules; see detailed information.
  • Mutual fund share gifts are slightly more complicated. Dating and valuing such gifts is not complex; it's the transfer that can take time. Contact the Office of Gift Planning at 570-577-3200 for more details.
  • Gifts sent by any other delivery service (Federal Express, UPS, etc.) are complete as of the date they arrive at Bucknell. It may be in your best interest to take the envelope to the post office and have it postmarked before December 31.
  • Other gifts, such as art, real estate, or other property, are dated under different rules. Please contact the Office of Gift Planning for more details.
  • If you have any other questions, please contact the Office of Development at 570-577-3271.