A number of rentals are available in the Lewisburg area. The best way to find them is through other students. Real estate agents may be able to help, especially if you are interested in quiet study surroundings in an area not heavily populated by students.

Searchable Map

Search a map of the downtown area showing possible rental units and contact information for specific houses. The site is updated daily, so please refer back on a regular basis to see any changes.

NOTE: The Lewisburg Public Housing Code states that no more than three unrelated persons can live together in a rental unit. If persons are found in violation of this ordinance, they will have to move to a location that is in compliance with the ordinance. Bucknell also maintains a list of available rental properties for your consideration.

Landlords and Rental Agencies

Remember that any lease agreement that you enter and sign is between you and the landlord. Bucknell is not involved with any off-campus student rental agreements.