Lewisburg Borough requires that all housing be inspected every year. Inspections are based on the 2015 International Property Maintenance Code.

Supplemental Standards for Bucknell

Rental properties for approved Bucknell students must also comply with these additional features:

  • All smoke detectors must be interconnected, without disconnect switches and with backup-up batteries.
  • Carbon monoxide detectors shall be installed in each level of all unites if a fuel-burning appliance is in the building.
  • All receptacles serving countertop surfaces in kitchens and all receptacles in bathrooms and basements must have ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection. (GFCI)

All inspections for Lewisburg are done by CK-COG, the Central Keystone Council of Governments. This is an organization of municipalities who work together to administer the inspection process and enforcement of the construction code. Bucknell does not endorse or inspect any of the properties, nor does it have any control over the inspection, the property, or ownership.

Request These Documents From Landlord

Before signing a lease, students should request a copy of the:

  1. Public Housing Permit issued by CK-COG.
  2. Current letter from COG stating that the property has passed inspection and the permit is current.
  3. Copy of the permit application listing the property owner’s name and address (and in the event the owner lives more than 30 miles from Lewisburg, the designated property operator’s name and address)

If students have questions or concerns about the safety or condition of their house, they should first contact their landlord. If further assistance is needed they should contact the Borough Manager at 570.523.3614 and, if necessary, contact CK-COG toll free at 1.877.457.9401. Their website is www.ckcog.com

Remember that no more than three unrelated persons are permitted to live in the same rental unit per borough ordinance.