ALL undergraduate students are required to live on campus in a University-owned or controlled facility unless they apply properly and receive final approval from Housing Services to reside off campus or commute from home (with a parent or guardian in residence). Non-traditional-age students may live in a home or privately-owned rental unit.

A small number of upperclass students may be given permission to reside off campus.


Eligibility is determined by the following factors:

  • Judicial review
    The conduct record of each off-campus living applicant is reviewed. Those with certain conduct infractions may be denied final approval. Appeals are reviewed by the Dean of Students Office.
  • Class Ranking
    Only students graduating in the 2019-20 academic year, or beginning the fourth year of a five year program, will be eligible to apply for off-campus living.
  • Random Lottery Numbers
    Approximately 220 students will be granted off-campus living approval. Due to the prospected number of applicants, final approval will be based upon a random number assigned at the time of completion of the application process.

Application Process

The application process begins in late September for the following academic year. The application process involves an online multi-phased process. Applications are approved individually and on a rolling basis until the maximum number is reached. Approval to live off campus is NOT guaranteed. Students are warned against signing a lease for off-campus accommodations until they have received final written approval from Housing Services.

Only full academic year approvals are granted. If students do not receive full approval they will not have the opportunity for future consideration within that academic year.

Additionally, if a student withdraws from the institution any University housing contracts, agreements or approvals that existed (on or off campus) will automatically become null.

Fraternity and Sorority Members

For fraternity or sorority members, approval to live off campus is contingent upon their organization filling their houses or hall suites to capacity as well as providing six (6) alternates to live in on campus accommodations. A complete alternate list must be submitted to Housing Services before any "conditional approval" applicants receive final approval to live off campus. This list is due in March.

If a sorority or fraternity member is required to live in chapter housing or on campus as an alternate, their "conditional approval" to live off-campus will be revoked, and they will no longer be considered eligible to live off-campus at any future time during that academic year. Additionally, students who disaffiliate membership with a Greek-letter organization are required to reside on campus and will not be considered eligible for off-campus housing.


If final approval is granted, the student has sole responsibility for locating a rental property, negotiating with the landlord and signing a lease. Because of liability concerns, the University is not involved in inspecting non-University-owned facilities located off campus and cannot determine whether the facility is safe, sanitary and in compliance with local ordinances. Students and parents are advised to note that there is a Lewisburg borough ordinance that limits the number of unrelated persons living together in a rental unit to three.

The University does not provide residential life services for those living off campus and does not approve facilities or directly supervise students off campus.


Student behavior off campus is subject to the sanctions of local authorities, however it may also be subject to on campus disciplinary procedures. Students living off-campus who are cited at their residence by the local authorities for disorderly conduct, excessive noise, underage drinking, etc., will additionally have their conduct reviewed in on campus proceedings. 

An administrative hearing officer from the Deans of Students Office will determine responsibility and sanctioning on a case by case basis as outlined in the Student Handbook