In January 1903, the Trustees authorized President John H. Harris to raise money to erect a dormitory for women. The structure was fireproofed with partitions of brick, and the interior was finished in oak. The new building did not receive a name until 1925, when it was named Harris Hall, after the death of President Harris, in 1915. There are singles, doubles and triples in this hall.

Harris Hall Amenities

  • No Air Conditioning
  • Co-ed floors
  • Bed, desk, desk chair and dresser
  • Room variety: doubles, singles, triples
  • Room Dimensions - Singles approx 9' x 16', doubles approx 11' x 16', triples approx 18' x 16'
  • Flooring - Carpet varies by floor
  • Window dimensions 1st, 2nd, 3rd floor windows 39.5" x 70", 4th floor 32.5" x 53"
  • Closets 4.6' x 6.8'
  • Lounge with tv/roku
  • Bike Rack
  • Window screens are not provided by the University


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