Q: How is residential living structured at Bucknell?

A: Our approach to room assignments creates clusters that bring students within the same class year together in communities. First- and second-year students typically live in traditional-style residential communities that promote interaction with peers, faculty and staff, while third- and fourth-year students typically live in independent-style residential communities that continue to facilitate your contact with peers beyond your roommates.

Q: How does Bucknell decide which classes live in which buildings?

A: We created our residential living model with the developmental considerations of the intended populations in mind. Due to the historic nature of many of our campus buildings, the format and layout of each varies. For instance, the South Campus Apartments were designed and intended as an independent living option for fourth-year students. Roberts Hall is designed for second-year students.

Q: Why are there geographic separations within class assignments?

A: Because Bucknell's student residences are spread all over campus, it is impossible to bring entire classes together into one spot. So instead, we created multiple options for each class.

Affinity communities are open to all non-first-year students. Due to the complexity of the room selection process, some areas of campus house a mix of non-first-year students.

Q: What are my chances of getting a South Campus Apartment?

A: It's hard to say. This grid outlines the options available for each class year. The South Campus Apartments are primarily limited to seniors. Successful numbers can pull in other seniors or juniors.

Q: How do I select a room so that I can live with my friends?

A: Block booking is available as a part of Room Draw or through application to join an Affinity community. Please refer to the grid for specific options.

Fourth-year students that wish to live with third-year students can do so in the Gateway Apartments, Bucknell West, or in an Affinity Community.

For fourth and third-years interested in living with second-years, your options are Bucknell West or Affinity communities.

Q: I have a medical issue or other accommodations need. How does class clustered housing affect me?

A: Bucknell works with partner offices to best accommodate students with specific residential needs. Collaboration with these offices is to afford the utmost confidentiality and ensure we are effectively balancing all campus needs. If you have a medical based accommodation need, complete the Housing Accommodation Request Form available through the Office of Accessibility Resources, which asks you to describe your need and provide appropriate medical documentation.

If you are transgender or gender non-conforming, please note that we house students based on gender identity. If this process does not meet your needs, please review our Gender Neutral Housing policy and Transgender Accessibility Policy. The Director of the Office of LGBTQ Resources (lgbt@bucknell.edu, 570.577.1609) is also available to discuss these processes and housing options.

Do note there are timelines associated with these processes. Missing deadlines reduces the ability to meet the specific need. Housing Services will collaborate with the Office of Accessibility Resources and the Office of LGBTQ Resources to make your room assignment. Note that you may not select a specific building or pull in roommates.

Q: What privilege do I get as a rising senior in the room selection process? Will I be assured a better room than a rising junior?

A: Rising fourth-year students will select rooms in the Room Draw process before rising third-year students, who will select before rising second-year students. However, within each class year, randomly assigned priority numbers will determine the order of selection within the class.

Students are able to live with students in different class years. Please refer to the grid for specific options.

Q: Are singles available for all class years?

A: Yes. Rising fourth-year students can select single rooms in Swartz Hall, fraternity/sorority living and Affinity communities in addition to single-occupancy rooms within an apartment in the Gateways and the South Campus Apartments. Rising third-year students can select in in Swartz Hall, fraternity/sorority living and Affinity communities in addition to single-occupancy rooms within an apartment in the Gateways. Rising second-year students can select single rooms in Larison, Harris, Roberts, Trax and Kress Halls, and Affinity communities.