Why was this decision made?
Unfortunately, threats to information security at businesses and non-profit institutions worldwide have escalated in both sophistication and frequency in recent years. Because email has become a very common way to communicate with external sites, including those that have not been vetted from a security perspective, it is frequently the target of cyber-attacks. As you have likely read in the press or heard on the news, those attacks can allow a third party to gain control over an organization's information technology infrastructure and confidential information.

In light of this changing environment and our responsibility to mitigate information security risks, the University spent the past several months reviewing its policies and practices, assessing policies of other colleges and universities, and studying the overall level of use of accounts by our alumni, retirees and other constituencies.

As a result, we have established a new Account Deactivation policy.  Any existing courtesy accounts not authorized under this new policy will be deactivated effective June 30, 2016.  Also, effective June 1, 2016, accounts will no longer be provided to newly retired staff members. Any individuals leaving Bucknell employment  who are also Bucknell alumni can opt for a new account based on their alumni status.

Will we allow any kind of grace period after separation date?
No, accounts will be deactivated the day after your separation date. Employees are encouraged to plan accordingly when providing notice of separation.  Any individuals leaving Bucknell employment  who are also Bucknell alumni can opt for a new account based on their alumni status.

More information can be found on transitioning your accounts at http://ask.bucknell.edu/?p=3688

How does this policy affect me if I am a Bucknell Alumnus/a?
Bucknell alumni will be able to retain access to their Bucknell email accounts. Alumni who are also employed by the University, will have the opportunity to create a new account when they separate or retire from their employment based on their alumni status.

What's the process for exceptions?
Requests will be granted under limited circumstances based on the needs of the University and should be submitted to Human Resources via the hr@bucknell.edu email address. Requests for exceptions to this policy will be reviewed by Human Resources in consultation with Library and Information Technology and other appropriate offices.

Why do retired faculty get to keep their accounts and not retired staff?
Faculty are often involved in University-related academic/research pursuits and collaborations after their retirement. Many of these require a university affiliation supported by an account.

Will visiting/adjunct faculty, instructors and lecturers lose their account access immediately when affiliation with Bucknell ceases?
Yes, accounts will be deactivated upon separation.

Who do I contact with questions about the deactivation of my account?
If your questions are not addressed in our FAQs, please contact: