For general information on transitioning your Bucknell account please see this article: General Account Separation FAQs

How do I setup another email address?
We have created this article to assist with setting up a new email address. Please visit for step-by-step instructions.

I use my bucknell email address as the login/username for other accounts like iTunes and Amazon. What should I do?
For information about transitioning these other accounts, please see Step #3 of this article -

My smartphone is setup with my address, how do I change that?
For information about transitioning your smartphone to another account, please see Step #4 of this article -

How do I notify people that my email account is changing?
A communication strategy is a must when changing your email address. For step by step instructions please go to step # 5 of this article -

How do I copy files from Netspace to my home computer?
In order to get the files that are currently stored in your private, public, drop box and www folders on Netspace you need to connect to Netspace from your home computer and transfer the files.