What is the Dual Career Program (DCP)?

The Dual Career Program is a resource and referral service for accompanying partners who are seeking employment or volunteer opportunities in the Lewisburg area.

Who can use the Dual Career Program (DCP)?

If you are the relocating spouse or partner of a newly hired full-time benefits-eligible faculty or staff member, you are eligible to receive the services provided by the Dual Career Program.

What does the Dual Career Program offer?

The program offers a wide range of services to assist relocating spouses or partners in their job search, and to their families in settling into the area. Services include: up-to-date information on the local job market, résumé and cover letter preparation, job search strategy, and information about the community and all that it offers.

How do I enroll in the Dual Career Program?

Enrollment into the DCP is easy. Complete the online enrollment form. We will work to arrange an initial welcome meeting either by phone or in-person to discuss your background and employment interests.

What else can I do to get started?

Go to Jobs at Bucknell and complete an application. Scan the available job openings to see whether there are any for which you believe you are qualified, and apply. In addition to your application, you can submit a résumé and cover letter when applying for positions on Jobs at Bucknell.

Am I guaranteed employment?

The DCP cannot guarantee employment because the DCP does not create job openings; we are here to assist you in your search. Whether or not you are able to secure employment will partly depend on how much time, effort and communication you are willing to put into your search. The DCP is one resource you can use.

Can you assist me in finding an academic position?

Visit www.bucknell.edu/FacultyJobs to view available faculty positions at Bucknell. Many academic opportunities in other area colleges and universities are located within a reasonable driving distance. If you are not willing to commute, your opportunities may be limited.

See Area Employers for links to nearby colleges and universities.

The New Jersey/Eastern Pennsylvania/Delaware Higher Education Recruitment Coalition (HERC) also provides resources for those seeking academic positions throughout the tri-state area. The HERC site includes a special section especially for dual career couples.

Will I be given preferential treatment for positions at Bucknell?

The DCP does not compromise the normal recruitment process. The fact that you are the spouse/partner of a faculty or staff member does not guarantee you a position at Bucknell. Departments across campus seek to hire the best, most qualified candidates for their open positions, by using a consistent and robust search process. If you do receive an offer for a Bucknell position, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you were selected because you had the necessary knowledge, skills and experience required, and were, indeed, the best person for the job.

What is the typical process for getting hired at the University?

All positions have a search committee, which meets to select a limited number of qualified applicants to interview. If you meet the position criteria, and are selected for an interview, someone will contact you to make scheduling arrangements. Search committees may do an initial round of phone interviews, or they may set up a time for you to meet face-to-face.

After all finalists are interviewed, the search committee selects their preferred candidate and sends their recommendation for hire to the Affirmative Action Officer and Human Resources. The AAO reviews the process used in selecting the final candidate to ensure that it was fair and consistent in selecting the applicant who was best qualified for the position. HR does a benchmark analysis, based upon the experience of the candidate, and approves the salary to be offered. Once the offer is approved by the AAO and HR, the job offer is extended to the successful candidate.

My job experience is quite unique. What if I can't find something in my line of work?

It is conceivable that you will not be able to find your "dream" job in this market. This requires you to be flexible and open to other possibilities. The DCP strongly recommends that you have a "Plan B" and possibly a "Plan C" in mind.

How long will you assist me in my job search?

Program services can continue for up to one year or until you secure employment, whichever comes first. The program is flexible, so if you need to put your job search on hold due to unforeseen circumstances, we will work with you so that when you are ready to re-start your job search the program services can continue. Please let us know when you land a position, as we would like to celebrate with you!