"Brain stimulation—pretty candy for the soul. Plus great new friendships. What more could I ask?"

“I’ve learned a lot, enjoyed meeting some new people. I especially appreciate the convenient sites and low cost. The receptions are always fun. It has brought people from other communities to Lewisburg.”

From a course leader: “I surely enjoy my own part of the mix, bringing me back into the classroom that I didn’t know I missed so much until I felt those bubbles of nervousness and joyful anticipation as I walked down the hall to the first meeting of each of the courses I’ve been teaching....”

“The whole program (classes I have taken) has been enriching to me. I look forward to the days I have class. My friends and I often discuss what we have learned and been introduced to. People that I have spoken to really enjoy the courses. It is a positive and interesting part of their retired lives.”

“The BILL program has reignited my intellectual curiosity and has allowed me to examine subject matter I would never have without the program. It has provided an environment to expand and develop new friendships.”

“BILL has, as well as broadening my intellectual life, introduced me to a wonderful group of friends I would never have met otherwise. Lifelong learning with (now) lifelong friends—a perfect combination!

"BILL has given individuals in the region a rare opportunity to explore important areas and engage with others on a high level. One reason that my husband and I stay in the area, rather than move to a city, is the BILL program."

"It’s made a wonderful difference in my retirement."