Since U.S. News & World Report first published its "America’s Best Colleges" magazine issue in 1983, the industry of educational rankings — covering public school districts, independent schools, undergraduate, graduate and professional institutions — has grown significantly. Bucknell University is intentional in the modest attention it gives to such rankings in its marketing and communications materials to its various audiences. Though we understand that prospective students and their families give some consideration to various rankings during the college search process, a range of research studies indicate that rankings are just one of many inputs used in deciding where to apply and, ultimately, where to enroll, and that they are unlikely to play a primary role in those decisions.

Of the dozens of college rankings that currently exist, research shows that a half-dozen or fewer carry any meaningful influence with prospective students and their families. This customizable dashboard identifies Bucknell’s position in those rankings, and compares the University with several other institutions to which our applicants most frequently apply.