All members of the Bucknell community, including outside vendors, are encouraged to report any suspected fraudulent activities.

Reportable activities include:

  • unethical or questionable accounting practices
  • falsification of reports or records
  • theft, waste or abuse of University assets
  • internal control concerns
  • other accounting and/or auditing issues.

Reporting resources include:

  • immediate supervisors
  • Workplace Advisor Program
  • Human Resources
  • Director of Internal Audit
  • EthicsPoint (an anonymous third-party provider).

More about EthicsPoint

The University has contracted with EthicsPoint, a third-party reporting provider, to accept anonymous and confidential reports of accounting and auditing fraudulent activities. EthicsPoint provides two options in which an individual can file a report. You may call the EthicsPoint toll free report hotline (1-866-384-4277) and speak directly with one of their trained operators or you can file a report online from any internet connected computer at: Select "File a New Report" and type Bucknell University in the Organization's Name field.

Once a report is filed with EthicsPoint, they will provide information to the University's Office of Internal Audit for review and appropriate follow-up. The report received from EthicsPoint is confidential and anonymous, unless the reporter chooses to release his or her identity. At the conclusion of filing a report, a reporter will receive an id and a password. We ask that you return to the EthicsPoint website within 10 business days and check the status of the report. The University may post follow-up questions for the reporter to answer.

More about contacting the Director of Internal Audit

You can contact the University's Director of Internal Audit directly via email (, telephone 570-577-3342, campus mail, or the US Postal Service, as well as in person at 330 Cooley Hall. All discussions with the University's Director of Internal Audit are confidential.

Reporting is safe

Bucknell requires directors, officers and faculty and staff to observe high standards of appropriate conduct in their duties and responsibilities, as employees and representatives of the University. We must practice honesty and integrity in fulfilling our responsibilities and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Therefore, no director, officer or employee who in good faith reports a violation of our policies or any area of the law shall suffer harassment, retaliation or adverse employment consequence. An employee who retaliates against a colleague who has reported a violation in good faith will be subject to discipline up to and including his/her termination from active employment. This policy is intended to encourage and enable employees and others to raise serious concerns within the University.