Every member of the Bucknell community has a unique Bucknell ID number. This number identifies you throughout your time at Bucknell. Each student receives a Bucknell Identification card (BU ID) with his/her picture, name and classification. Your Bucknell Identification card has a magnetic strip across the bottom that is encoded with your student ID number. The number is not visible anywhere on the card. You will receive your BU ID during International Student Orientation.

Your BU ID card is your official Bucknell University identification card and should be kept with you at all times. Your card provides you with privileges for multiple campus services.

Entrance to campus buildings

Your BU ID is an electronic key that allows you to enter secure buildings on campus.

Admittance to Bucknell events

Many campus events are free. Your BU ID gets you advance tickets or general access.

Library services

Your BU ID card allows you to check out materials from the library.

Meal plans

Students who live on campus must purchase a meal plan. When dining on campus, simply hand the cashier your BU ID to have your meal account debited.

Dining Dollars

All meal plans include some portion of "Dining Dollars". Dining Dollars can be used instead of cash at any campus dining location as a convenient way to buy meals and snacks.

Campus Dollars

You can also use your BU ID to access your "Campus Dollars". Your Campus Dollars account is a prepaid flexible spending account. It works like a debit card: you deposit money into a special account linked to your BU ID, and then you can use your card to pay for laundry, dining and golf course expenses.

Copier access

Many copiers on campus are equipped with card readers that will accept your BU ID card.

Charging privileges

As a BU ID card holder, you can also enjoy the convenience of charging expenses to your student billing account at multiple locations across campus, including the Campus Box Office, the Office of Publications, Print and Mail, the Craft Center, the Barnes & Noble at Bucknell University bookstore, and many other venues.


NOTE: Your BU ID cannot be used to cash checks off campus. Bring some other kind of identification with you, for example, a credit card or an international driver's license.