Tuition and fees are billed twice a year — fall and spring semester. The bill for the fall semester will be issued in July and will be due in August. The billing for the spring semester will be issued in December and will be due in January.

For first year students, the first semester B-bill statement will typically include the following fees: tuition, student activities fee, room and board, and health insurance. The $500 enrollment deposit will be listed on your B-bill statement as a credit.

There are several ways to make payment to Bucknell University:

  1. B-bill. Learn more about B-bill, Bucknell's official billing method at
  2. Personal check. A personal check drawn on U.S. dollars from a U.S. bank.
  3. Cash. Bills may be paid with cash in person at 108 Marts Hall.
  4. Wire transfer. To wire money to Bucknell, request the wire transfer instructions and give them to your banking institution. When wiring money be sure to ask what the bank will charge for the wire transfer. If the bank does charge a fee, is the fee charged separately or will the bank take the fee from the money being wired to Bucknell? If the bank does not charge the fee separately, be sure to wire enough money to cover both the invoice and the bank fee for wiring the money.

To obtain the instructions for a wire transfer, you must email your request to Bursar Services at Be sure to include your BU ID number in your email message.

For more information about tuition costs and other expenses, please refer to International Admissions > Paying for Bucknell