You are to make your travel arrangements to arrive at Bucknell on Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2018.

If you plan to arrive using any of the shuttle services (JFK, Philadelphia, Williamsport, or Harrisburg shuttle), you will be met by International Orientation Assistants who will welcome you, give you your key and show you to your residence hall.

International Student Orientation is mandatory for any student on a US visa. If for some reason you believe you are an exception to the rule you will need to contact International Student Services.


What to Bring in Your Carry-On Bags

Immigration Materials

  • Passport, Visa, I-20 or DS-2019
  • Birth Certificate (and/or certified copies)
  • Documentation of Financial support


  • Cash
  • Traveler’s Checks
  • Cash/Debit cards and credit cards

Health Records and Medications

  • Records of required immunizations for yourself and people traveling with you
  • Prescription drugs to last you two months
  • Medical records to give your new physician (preferably in English)
  • List of allergies

Correspondence from Bucknell University

  • Letter of admission
  • Scholarships or financial aid awarded to you
  • Housing assignment if given
  • Contact information for International Student Services, 570-577-3794

Other Items

  • Laptop if you already have one (make sure you back up all the data that is on your computer)
  • Small electronic items such as a digital camera, iPod, calculator, etc.
  • Clothing and toiletries: enough for a few days just incase your luggage is lost.

Items to Pack in Regular Luggage

  • Clothes that will suit the central PA climate
  • At least one pair of good walking shoes
  • Important books
  • List of emergency phone numbers for both home and Bucknell University
  • Make sure there is a card with your Bucknell address inside each suitcase you are carrying.

How to Pack to Local Climate

Bring an umbrella or raincoat, or plan to purchase one when you get here. Also, bring or plan to buy a heavy winter coat and boots because it can get very cold in the winter. It may be cheaper to buy a wool or leather jacket at home, but if you come from a country that doesn't have snow, you may want to wait to buy things here that will be the appropriate weight and length for the local weather conditions. Generally, people dress very informally, however, occasionally you may be invited to dinners or receptions and then more formal clothing is appropriate.

It is also suggested that you bring a pillow and bed linen. Your residence hall room is not equipped with these items. A shopping trip is planned the second day of your arrival. Bed linen, pillows, and blankets can be purchased for a modest cost at the local shopping mall, but if you must have a pillow and linen for these first few nights you should pack accordingly.

Consider buying a laptop computer if you plan to have a computer at Bucknell. Electronic storage at the University is limited.